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Falling asleep to this heavenly voice singing all of my favorites. πŸ’›
Spicy Fried Rice To Go Please. #GreenPapaya #ChickenAndShrimp #Thai #Peperoncini
I remember awakening one morning & finding everything smeared with the color of forgotten love. #CharlesBukowski
This ninja bombed every picture lmao! I swear I love him πŸ’™ #Blue πŸ• #LunchBreak
😾Trying to take a picture with this dude is death!! & the ONE time he looked at the camera, I wasn’t looking 😼 #Bundle #CoolCat #Took18PixTotal #GaveUp
So let that shit burn! 😜 Starting my two-a-days (again) today.

Good Vibes HERE

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Adorbs! πŸ’š
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